Bouncing to the beat of our own drum

by Carmen Hernandez




My family and I gladly support spreading awareness to our beautiful world of Elijah living with autism and us showing our love and suport.

Awareness and Acceptance around Elijah's different abilities is what has helped him thrive. So being kind is key, asking questions when things seem different and remembering to include him as avoidance hinders both him and others. 

Awareness of our journey with autism means
▪︎Being open to thinking differently so many paths can lead to the same destination so keep pivoting till you get there 
▪︎Space to take in new places or faces processing a lot of new things at once can be overwhelming 
▪︎Think time as sometimes the thought train has a few more stops to make the connections 
▪︎Reminders to do body check ins as high threshold of sensory input can miss realizing hunger, thirst, injuries, big feelings until its turned into a serious issue
▪︎Room temp foods 
▪︎So much love