The Amazing Lucas

by Lucas Gael Landaverde




The Amazing Lucas comes from Lucas' favorite character (spider man).  Lucas is 3 years old and has been conquering the challenges of Autism since he was 1 and a half years old. Lucas loves Spiderman, his weekly therapy sessions learning new words, playing with new toys, and running around outside with his contagious smile. Lucas is loved by and continuously learning from his Mother Cynthia, Father Levin, older brother (who he calls "Baby") and his sister ( who he calls "mana") daily. Just like Spiderman Lucas has struggles and battles daily, which may or may not be seen by others however, he conquers each challenge and jumps right to the next. Lucas' is constantly outsmarting those around him, stubborn with a purpose, and has a laugh that is infectious. Lucas' gets excited to attend his weekly therapies and often is not happy to leave the amazing women taking time to teach him new things. To know and have Lucas in your life is the biggest blessing a person could ask for. Not only is he constantly learning but any one who spends time with Lucas can tell you how funny is, how quickly he picks up new activities, and the lessons he teaches others. Autism does not define Lucas, however has shaped him into the creative, smart, and loving boy he is who is ready to make a difference in this world.